I will be greatful for this day [now he’s a shape that moves like echo’s through my empty room]

I have been listening to a lot of Bright Eyes and Waking Ashland lately. It keeps my head busy and my heart happy. Enjoy it for yourself.

Spring Break is over and it’s back to school. It’s raining now and everything is covered in a yellow and brown muck, but I am happy. My nose is happy. It’s been quite a sneezy week or so.

I am frustrated. I wish I was a awesome blogger. This guy

promised “The Best Blog Ever” and boy was he right…Of course, in my eyes he can do no wrong.
Today I got mad. Frustrated mostly, but yeah kind of man….Well really it started sunday.
Two drunk guys who happen to be my practicum students rear-ended me in the MacDonalds drive-thru. They then drove off without so much as an “I’m sorry.”
So I followed them (I had wingmen) and they threw their trash out the window at me. So I called the cops. Thanks to a good friend, the police found the car and gave the guys a good talking to at about 3:30 AM. There was no damage to my car (thank God!) but I have a year to file a littering warrent on them. It’s a nice round $500 fine. It might be a nice little present for finals week, I think. the moral of the story is DON’T LITTER.
Then this morning (and honestly this makes me more sad then mad) during Art class (note: ART CLASS!) a friend and I were discussing Bill Clintons looming appearence across the ravine. I mentioned how I feel like everyone idealizes the man beyond what he actually did. I just think for a guy with “such a great economic policy” he should have done a better job emplementing lasting change (not that our economy is actually in resession, it’s a myth but thats another topic). Anyway long story short, pretty soon everyone was discussing politics.( This is a art class where there was no lecture and everyone was free to talk. ) and it got pretty loud but not really heated or anything. First the teacher tried to hush us, or rather me, since I was the originator of the conversation. He failed because he didn’t ask us not to talk. He just said “work on your art” I was working on it, so I continued our discussion. Then this freshman repressed-i-talk-about-my-girlfriend-ALL-the-time-so-I-don’t-look-gay- type guy pipes up and says “ugh (insert snarl and head-cocked-to the side-and-eyebrow-riased-look) isn’t this art class?”
So I replied. “Yeah, so?”
Him: “you all should concentrate on your art and stop talking about politics”
me: “have you ever seen Picasso’s work?”
Him: “yeah, you should put it all in your art then.”
This went on for a couple of seconds before the professor walked over to him and the ass-kissing got to distracting for him to keep it up….
A couple of minutes later he was discussing (loudly) his trip to see “the price is right”
(oh, big fun!).
I jokingly, you could even say flirtingly, said “hey isn’t this art class? why are you talking about the price is right instead of putting it into your art?”
While this is going on class was letting out, and this non-tradational (which is code for “old bitch”) who sits by the guy is getting all her stuff together and I say
“wow you have a lot of stuff ” and I was about to offer help when she looks at me and says
“you need to shut up.”
Thats just perfect. Little repressed freshman has a bodyguard. Awesome.
So this is my question, and correct me if I’m wrong, but
Isn’t college when you are SUPPOSSED to talk about politics? Isn’t when you are SUPPOSSED to question authority and “the man” and form opinions and have passion?
I am so effing sick of this Apathy we disguise with words like “tollerence.” and “empathy.” and “equality.”
The art department should be one of the places where free discussion of all things important is encouraged. I guess my expectations are always a little too high, but at least I have passion.
People are so apathetic and lazy that they don’t even have opinions to believe in. No one knows how to deal with conflict because we are taught never to disagree out loud. Keep the “your opionion is right for you and mine is right for me and we are all right” attitude and everthing will be fine. WAKE UP! IDIOTS!
This is why we have hate crimes, it’s because speaking your mind is not the norm anymore. People who actually have opinions are so afraid of pissing off the wrong group that no one argues anymore and because no one argues no one knows how to actually discuss what they think and how they feel.
have the guts to form opinions. Have the guts to stand by them, and geeze TALK ABOUT THEM!!!! This is what being an American is about. This is what being young is about. This is what being alive is about!!!
I don’t know about you but I am NOT GOING TO WAIT ON THE WORLD TO CHANGE.
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One thought on “I will be greatful for this day [now he’s a shape that moves like echo’s through my empty room]

  1. you go girl.

    (by the way you should have the car looked into, because it could have caused structural damage you can’t see.)


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