Hello All Things Spring (welcome back, welcome back)

Today I steeped outside to feed and water my dog. Spring is here. Now we all know that the weather around here is as fickle as a 16 year old girl, but I am pretty sure that spring has decided she would like to settle in and stay a while.
The air is thicker, heavier, full of promise and change. It doesn’t wisp about like winter, no a spring breeze blusters to and fro then turns upward in these giant puffy bursts.
And the smell…I think it must be the smell of photosynthesis, or of the earth turning it’s self over like remaking the guest bedroom for company.
And of course don’t forget the noise. I love spring because it is the noisiest season. The birds get cocky and call back and forth and chirp unrepentantly all morning beckoning you out of your cozy winter bed! “Spring is here! Wake up there is much to do! Spring is Here!” they chirp!

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